Distance Healing Machine

ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes of NLS

Item No.: Apprentice Masters Classes

Bioresonance, Quantum Health, : The Apprentice Masters Classes of NLS – LEVEL 1-2-3-4-5 – All video's in one buy – Watch many times – KNOW IT ALL ! – ISHA – RAW-UNCUT – Learn what other experts took 10 years and know MUCH more secrets than experts !

All scientists agree, even professors ….. what you learn here can not be learned at any other place ….. THE SECRETS !

ISHA – The Apprentice Masters Class

LEVEL 1-2-3-4-5 – All video’s in ONE buy – Watch many times

+ The science knowledge docs you get at no other place on this planet  !!!

+ Aura commandments

+ Checkup doc for confirmations before doing treatments !

5 levels but in fact we pumped 10 levels into 5

*RAW uncut, not edited, so instead of 5×2 hours you will receive approx 15 hours video.
There is some time non-sync but …. all is handled many times AND …
All who did buy levels 1-2-3-4-5 will also receive for free in April 2018 the edited versions.

Learn what others took 10 years and MUCH more secrets beyond science !

No other company can provide YOU this secret teachings of NLS.

Everything about 3D – 8D Vector and Lris – Hunter Metapathia GR 4025- BIOPHILIA 

Watch for many times.

After receivement of you payment, we will sent you the 3 links and The Special Science DOC on level 3.

Have a wonderfull time coming !




May 23, 2022
¿Hay capacitación para Biophilia Tracker? quiero español
Klaus Hamm
May 23, 2022
Vreau să fiu antrenat
Daniel taylor
Apr 25, 2022
I want to buy this
Daniel taylor
Apr 25, 2022
I want to buy this
Lonn M Wade
Apr 25, 2022
Send pricing and specifics
Apr 03, 2022
Hello, I would like to have more information please. Thank you. Philippe
Feb 21, 2022
How do I buy it, do you have books too?
R Mart
Jan 31, 2022
Please send me the price for the videos and do you offer a certificate of completion of the program when finished?
Therese Maxelius
Jan 15, 2022
More information and cost. Please email me on tezzi80@hotmail.com
Christy Bear
Jan 03, 2022
Hello, I would someone please tell me the cost of your courses please. ISHA Apprentice Master class Distance Healing machine, Bioresonance machine Hydrotherapy machine Quantum Resonance machine I really appreciate your time thank you.
Mike Tross
Oct 12, 2021
Info plz
Sarah A
Oct 11, 2021
Mohammed Ibrahim
Sep 19, 2021
Please send a price for the videos
Dr Rakesh Mohanlall
Aug 02, 2021
Please send a price for the videos
Dr Rakesh Mohanlall
Aug 02, 2021
Please send a price for the videos
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