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         Sale Manager : Mrs Judy                  Sale Director : Miss Coco                  Technical Director: Mr Bob 
    +8618358707593         +8618867726654                           live:brs_bob
    live:brs_judy                    live:brs_coco              
Sale Cousultant : Mrs Tracy Sale Consultant : Mr Mark Sale Consultant : Mrs Elisa
 +8618815017118      +8613868501604     +8615058943829 
  live:brs_tracy               live:brs_mark             live:brs_elisa     

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We have independent development many kinds of NLS Bioresonance Machine. There are mainly devices into Biophilia Tracker, Metatron Hunter 4025 NLS, Bioplasm NLS,8D LIRS,9D NLS,17D NLS etc.

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