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Diagnosis Knee Joints By 17D-NLS

According to the World Health Organization in developed countries pathology of musculoskeletal system ranks No. 2 among reasons of disablement for a period of less than two weeks, trailing only to respiratory diseases, but it takes the first place for periods of time above two weeks. In general manifestations of arthrosis of various localizations are diagnosed in 9.6% of men and 18% of women above 60. In developed countries gonarthrosis prevails – symptoms of the pathology are diagnosed in 14.1% of men and 22.8% of women above 45. These indices have clear upward trend due to ageing of population.
We can diagnosis knee joints by using 17D-NLS with a feature of three-dimensional visualization of knee joint.
Three-dimensional non-linear scanning getting a special importance as highly-informative method of knee joint pathology diagnosing in comparison with CT and MRI, first of all owing to lesser cost of a study, at the same time diagnostic advantages of the latter are not so evident in this field. This fact is proven by growing application of NLS system in orthopedics.
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