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Using the Biophilia Tracker device to aid in the treatment of Alzheimer's syndrome
September 19, 2023
So, we should have a Biophilia Tracker device in the home that can assess your risk in the preclinical stage, and it also has therapeutic value in treating these preclinical problems and preventing them from regressing to the disease stage. In other words
Biophilia Tracker for Knee Research
August 08, 2023
The system and software of Biophilia Tracker and the 3D visualization of the knee joint study the knee joint.
How to Nourish Your Ovaries with Biophilia Tracker to Prevent Premature Ovarian Failure
August 01, 2023
Due to the high cost of medical care, it is very necessary to prepare Biophilia Tracker equipment at home to pay attention to women's health issues in real time, which is equivalent to having an excellent "health doctor" at home.
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