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Meta hunter and cardiovascular blockage
May 20, 2024
Therefore, in normal times, not only need to pay attention to the health of the heart, but also can cooperate with the Meta hunter equipment to monitor the heart, find some problems in the body in time, and carry out prevention and treatment.
What is Meta hunter NLS
May 08, 2024
Meta hunter NLS is the good device of its kind in the world! An informative, portable, use friendly medical diagnostic computer system.
Diagnosi di encefalopatia circolatoria e tracker della biofilia
April 29, 2024
Possiamo diagnosticare la DE utilizzando il sistema Tracker con una frequenza del generatore di 4,9 GHz e il software Biophilia Tracker.
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We have independent development many kinds of NLS Bioresonance Machine. There are mainly devices into Biophilia Tracker, Metatron Hunter 4025 NLS, Bioplasm NLS,8D LIRS,9D NLS,17D NLS etc.

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