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The REPRINTER function of Biophilia Tracker.

When our body's organs become diseased, the cells have already changed. It is difficult for traditional tests to detect the problem at this initial stage, because the human body's organ disease will proceed through two stages. It cannot be detected in the initial stage, but when the cells have transformed , the cell membrane begins to rupture and deteriorate. At this stage, the body's organs have formed a pathological state and the cells have deteriorated, and the symptoms are obvious. Traditional laboratory instruments can only detect abnormal values, but Biophilia Tracker can detect many abnormal values in the first stage. Potential crises in oneself, mind and spirit can effectively prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases and physical and mental diseases.
In the theory of bioresonance medicine, it is believed that when our body and mind are in a healthy and happy state, it is the best state of "balance of yin and yang" as called by traditional Chinese medicine. However, in the early stages of the disease in our human body, the first thing to do is the changes in the cells of various tissues in the body. Information is transmitted regularly from cells to organs. When the channels are chaotic and damaged, our body and emotions will lead to abnormal physiological states. Over time, it will cause Cell damage and organ abnormalities lead to disease and mood changes. But traditional medicine cannot detect disease progression from cells in the body.
Nature (including the human body) has its own inherent resonance frequency. If for some reason, the resonance frequency of the human body deviates from the normal, it will cause illness. The heart has the resonance frequency of the heart, the liver has the resonance frequency of the liver, and each organ and tissue has its own unique resonance frequency. In nature, certain substances have the same resonance frequency as certain organs and tissues of the human body. If this substance is used, the disordered resonance frequency of the human body can be corrected.
The normal human body is more than 70% water. The REPRINTER function of Biophilia Tracker can extract, amplify, and permanently store all the normal human body resonance information in water to make resonance information water. This resonance information water can transmit the normal resonance frequency and act on the human body to correct the imbalanced resonance. Frequency can restore the disordered human body frequency to normal and achieve the purpose of restoring health.
Research on bioresonance medicine and quantum resonance medicine has confirmed that the human body has its own inherent resonance frequency. If the resonance frequency is disordered, people will get sick. If the frequency is corrected, health will be restored.
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