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The More Bioplasm NLS Health Analyzer

The development of the new generation of non-linear computer scanners (Bioplasm-NLS) making use of multidimensional virtual imaging of the body of interests, had allowed to substantially improve the efficiency of the NLS-method and even expand its fields of application despite the MRT competition. The originally volumetric pattern of scanning is a distinctive feature of the multidimensional NLS imaging. The data thus acquired are an integral array, which facilitates reconstructing multidimensional virtual images of anatomical structures of the body of interest. In this connection the virtual NLS is widely used especially for angiographic investigation with the tree-dimensional reconstruction of vascular formations.
Another promising field of application of the three-dimensional image reconstruction based on the data acquired by means of multidimensional NLS is the study if hollow organs with a "virtual-NLS-scopy" involved. This kind of system was developed by Medintech Company for their high-rate multidimensional Z-series non-linear scanners, and was called Hunter. High resolution maintained during spiral scanning and the use of LAPP system(a system of parallel processor with a powerful computational capability and speed of operation) allows to implement the principal of "virtual-NLS-scopy" on a Voxel Z multimodal DICOM-compatible work station, which is the basic system for imaging and subsequent data processing with Medinatch scanners.
NLS images are made ready for visual analysis by means of the 4D Tissue, an original company-developed method, that allows not only to obtain virtual multidimensional images of anatomical structures but also select of particular biological tissue of interest giving an extra dimension, and additionally visualize bones, soft tissues and vessels at a time.
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