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Protect your lungs with 18D NLS

The lungs are one of the most important organs in the human body. Through respiratory movement and gas exchange, oxygen is brought into the body and waste gases such as carbon dioxide are discharged. The health of the lungs is very important to the human body. Generally, measures such as increasing nutrition, proper exercise, and avoiding smoking can be taken to effectively protect the health of the lungs.
Similarly, we can also use 18D NLS bioresonance analyzer equipment at home to monitor our lungs every day or every week to understand the health of our lungs. In this way, we can cooperate with other channels to maintain the lungs.
1. Increase nutrition: Ensure that the body has enough intake of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. You can also eat more lung-clearing and nourishing foods, such as Sydney, lotus seeds, lily, honey, etc., which can make the body have enough resistance. It plays an important role in preventing respiratory infections and protecting the health of the lungs;
2. Proper exercise: It can effectively protect the lungs, such as regular walking, jogging, radio exercises and other aerobic exercises, which can maintain lung function at a certain healthy level and improve the resistance of the lungs to the outside world;
3. Avoid smoking: Smoking, especially long-term active smoking, smoke will damage the non-specific protective mechanism of the respiratory tract, causing damage to the trachea, bronchi, lung interstitium, and lung parenchyma, and affecting the health of lung function. Avoid active and passive smoking;
4. Improve the indoor environment: do a good job in indoor sanitation at ordinary times, open windows regularly for ventilation, and maintain appropriate temperature and humidity. Wear a mask as much as possible when going out, especially in autumn and winter;
5. Maintain a happy mood: you can laugh more to promote the lungs and qi, and protect the health of the lungs;
6. Drink water in moderation: in daily life, drink plenty of water to keep the respiratory tract and lungs lubricated, and avoid coughing and discomfort caused by dryness;
7. Regular physical examination: It is recommended to conduct regular physical examinations, through which you can understand the health status of your body. At the same time, relevant examinations of the lungs should also be carried out. If any abnormalities are found, they can be dealt with in time.
For 18D NLS equipment, it is the same as having an all-round family doctor in the family, which can well monitor changes in physical health and provide good resistance to our lungs, thus making us healthier.
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