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Prevent strangulation diseases

We are always working hard, and at the same time we should pay more attention to our bodies, have regular physical examinations or use Biophilia Tracker We have to go to other countries for treatment, which will be a huge expense.

Medical expenses in the United States are expensive. Although the hospital environment is very good and the service attitude of the medical staff is also very good, if you do not have American insurance and go to the United States for cancer treatment at your own expense, the average medical cost is between 100,000 and 150,000 US dollars. This is not a uniform cost, because each disease is treated differently, so the cost is naturally different. In addition, for example, it takes about 13 hours to get from China to the United States, which is also an issue that needs to be considered for patients who go abroad to see a doctor.

Medical care in the United States is expensive, so most of the people who go to the United States for medical treatment are business executives, celebrities, wealthy people, etc. It can be said that when choosing to go to the United States for medical treatment, in addition to considering the advantages of treating diseases in the United States, you also have to consider the economic costs.

The average medical cost for medical treatment in Japan is US$50,000-100,000, which is lower than in the United States. Japan implements a universal health insurance plan, and foreigners who have lived in Japan for a period of time can also enjoy medical insurance after paying insurance. Moreover, Japan implements the separation of medicine, which means that Japanese doctors mainly charge technology fees and service fees and do not make money from drugs and equipment. The separation of medicine reduces the occurrence of excessive medical treatment and also reduces the economic costs of patients who go abroad to see a doctor. Lighten up some.

People who go to the UK are generally middle-class people with a higher education level. The general cost of treatment is about three times that in China. The UK is also a country that implements universal health insurance. However, there is a problem in going to see a doctor, that is, the efficiency of medical treatment in the UK is really not high. High and far away.

Why more and more individual families are now starting to own Biophilia Tracker? It’s because for a small amount of money spent on the equipment in the early stage, you can conduct physical examinations at home at any time, allowing you to clearly understand your physical status, early detection and early prevention, thereby reducing infection. The risk of illness and pain, most illnesses occur from childhood to adulthood. Don’t wait until your body has accumulated too much before going for a check-up, otherwise you will bear more.
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