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Multifunction Bioplasm NLS Health Analyzer

Bioplasm NLS are able to recognise the disturbed equilibrium in organs, individual cells, cell organelles down to chromosome set and mitochondria (stage of the discrepancy entropy). The determined missing information can then support the return to the harmonious starting situation.
Application is possible in the context of prevention e.g. prostate, breast, intestine, uterus and ovaries, lung...
Bioplasm NLS health analyzer offers a complete health check in different levels of detail.
They can detect and determine:
Bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites;
Blood components, hormones and enzymes;
Biochemical blood analysis;
Food incompatibilities.
And they support in the return to the harmonious starting situation:
Recommendation of homeopathics, phytotherapeutics or pharmaceutical active substances fitting accurately to the pathological findings;
Determination of the prospective effect of arbitrary therapeutics and therapies by tests with the help of the resonance chamber;
Listing suitable and not-suitable foods regarding the pathological process;
And offers simple possibilities of comparison with preliminary examination.
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