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Medical Testing And 8D LRIS Machine

  The wonderful opportunity offered by NLS-analysis is medical testing. The system provides a unique opportunity of recording the frequency fluctuations of any preparation and adding them to the many thousands already held in database. The system then searches for a remedy that has the closest spectral characteristics of the pathological process and selects the most efficient remedy.
  Even in those rare cases when clinical symptomatic is very typical, the 8D LRIS allows seeing additional information about the amplitude of defect and judging about prognosis. In majority of cases it has principal significance for prompt prognosis and right treatment choosing.
  Subacute stage of generalized scleroderma is characterized by disappearance of sub-epidermal hyperchromogenic stripe, at the same time derma’s structure becomes homogeneous and its thickness decreases.
Moreover, to diagnose generalized scleroderma a researcher should apply evaluation of spectral similarity to the etalon of this process by using of SEA, which is the basic diagnostic sign. To evaluate changes of skin at localized scleroderma Cosnes A. et al. used non-linear sensor of 4.9 GHz frequency.
  Thus, thanks to modern 8D LRIS technologies, more accurate evaluation of changes at various skin diseases becomes possible; it allows not only to improve diagnostics and start treatment in proper time, but to ensure control of the treatment efficiency.
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