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High electrical potential therapy equipment

Working principle High-potential therapy equipment mainly uses high potential, negative potential, and simulated natural electric field intermediate frequency to make the treated person return to nature and repair various disorders and obstacles caused by natural environment damage. The electric field acts on the human body by artificial methods. After processing this instrument, the alternating current (AC) is converted into an alternating high-voltage alternating electric field, which can make all parts of the user very loud and subtle, so the imbalance of body tissues and organs is completely restored, and the inherent healing power of human beings is improved and effective. The cells will be activated, which will strengthen the nerve conduction function and accelerate the gastrointestinal motility, so as to achieve the purpose of treating chronic constipation.

1. Ambient temperature: 40-55 ° C; Relative dryness: 80 Transportation and storage conditions: Atmospheric pressure: 500nPa-1060hPa3. The instrument should be stored in the original box or t2. The instrument shall not be directly affected by rain or snow, and may be transported and stored together with corrosive substances. It shall not be stored together with harmful ga: flammable and flammable chemicals and corrosive chemicals. The instrument is not affected by strong mechanical vibrations, shocks and strong magnetic fields. The box should be at least 20 cm away from the floor and at least 50 cm away from walls, heat, windows and air. When a negative near-voltage output is used, the negative high-voltage switch destroys the original charge distribution of the body. Changes in performance parameters charge between tissue and cells, causing a series of biological, physical and chemical changes, promoting the biological functions and pathological state of tissues and organs, promoting blood circulation, dredging collaterals, releasing pain and other alternating high-voltage negative electromagnetic fields, It spreads around the user, produces a stable intermediate frequency, excites the parasympathetic nerves, regulates nutritional neurological disorders, and thus treats neurasthenia, headache, and insomnia. Power input Irr. Structure and components.

Structure Diagran input power: HPOT output voltage.
25 v AC220V / 5 Xianning HPOT output frequency: 0 0000 Display reading: If potential output frequency: Negative potential Output voltage: -5000V/-6000V7-7000V 10%) 50Hz±2H 5000V/7000V/9000V (±105 negative potential output frequency : 50Hzt2Hz potential output voltage: 5029999о9 Time range: working mode default treatment time: retment count: Sleep function Continuous 80 KHZ (±105 LED digital screen 800Vp-p2. Structure description 21) Time display: The default display time is 30:00, ie 30 10min/gear increment countdown-decrement per second; time adjustment minute non-watertightness less than 90 minutes for other functions less than 12 hours for sleep function, Ming, other countdown Omin/gear, increase cycle 300mm*245mm*210mm Ambient temperature: 5- 400 relative humidity: < 80% atmospheric pressure: 860-1060 hPa host size waterproof rating: working environment: 3) IF voltage output display: when working on the intermediate frequency voltage fu. Negative ion output display: Wher 2) Intelligent processing display: When the processing is in the intelligent mode, the symbol flashes and processes; when the potential waveform symbol flashes, the smart fan symbol rotates clockwise.
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