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Gems And Metatron Hunter 4025

Gems have specific crystalline structure which makes possible to focus energy potential intrinsic to minerals and crystalline components of physical bodies. In process of Bach emotional-vibrational therapy application wave spectrums of flower consciousness is used and at the same time gems amplify properties of patient’s consciousness. 

Vibrational effect of gems consists in their influence to energy flows of organism’s fine structures and it supports balance of physical and fine bodies, but it does not contain such great amount of vibrational energy and act according to principle of sympathetic vibrational resonance. 

Peculiar molecular structure of crystalline structures conditions their energy influence to cellular and bio-molecular systems of an organism. Some gems can enter into specific harmonic resonance with particular parts of our organisms. Healing happens when resonance frequency of a gem corresponds or resonates with imbalanced molecular structures in human organism. 

Vibrational energy is transferred to specific molecular system and thus biochemical processes are stabilized, cellular structure level increases, restoration of affected organ starts and tendency to recovery increases. 

Metatron Hunter 4025 allows to understand that people are thinking mental and physical systems which present in constant dynamic equilibrium with external energy dimensions. Tissues, consisted in our physical frame, is fed not by only oxygen, glucose and other chemical components, but also by external vibrational energies which supply us with all necessary things for life and growing.  

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