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Energy And Information Medicine – Metatron Hunter 4025

Information is more than only a few words, a book or a few bits and bytes.
In 1905 Albert Einstein found out that the matter is no substance, but solidified energy. Nowadays, we know from quantum physics that the informed matter controls energetic effects. Information is a physically effective quantity and is, besides matter and energy, the third power in the scientific basic categories. Information is defined in the information medicine as a spirit. This spirit (the psyche) controls energy and matter. Therefore, any information sent out, received and processed by us, can have an effect on our state of health. Information is that what organises and assures the cooperation of the single cells of the body.
Every body cell is built like a hyper sensitive antenna. It receives information from its environment and passes these on again. Without this exchange of information there would be no life on earth. Biophotons and scalar waves control this flow of information. Those are measurable as a noise field which surrounds the body (often also referred to as aura). The cells virtually work together like a big orchestra: every cell sends out oscillations (sound) which altogether build up a melody. The more damaged a cell is, the less information it has and the more disharmonious is its sound and the less its sound fits the melody.  
The information medicine refers to that as the so-called degree of deviation: The cell deviates from its "normal" state and is weakened.
We are surrounded by energies of different oscillations. The entire outer space is full of radio waves. Thousands of radio and TV stations send and receive various radio waves with enormous frequency spectra. Humans cannot feel this energy, with the exception of the light spectrum, as their sensory organs have different spectra. Indeed, in this case it sufficient enough to switch on the radio or television set. In order to measure the oscillations and frequencies of the body, these frequency meters are, unfortunately, useless. Because here one needs measuring instruments which can sense and analyze the oscillations of the biological frequency range.  
Hence, in the information medicine it is tried to develop methods and devices which enable human beings to measure and to analyze the biological frequencies and oscillations. Metatron hunter 4025 is one of the devices that be based on this.
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