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Biophilia Tracker NLS-method Can Help Colonic Neoplasm Diagnostic

   Colonoscopy is successfully used to diagnose colon new growths. Based on the number of indications endoscopy investigation allows to get reliable information about the colonic growth surface in order to correctly classify its pattern and take a sample for morphologiacal identification. Yet, colonoscopy does not give an idea of the kind of internal structure the new growth has, nor does it allow to assess the depth of the invasion of the colon wall by a malignant tumor, determine its proliferation to adjacent organs or metastases to regional lymph nodes. Beside, colonoscopy does not provide information about extra intestinal new growths unless they have already permeated the intestinal wall.
The NLS-investigation of the Biophilia Tracker X3 can help clear up all of these issues.
NLS diagnostics is a highly efficient method of diagnosing the neoplasm of the colon, allowing to diagnose neoplasms and regional lymph glands.
The NLS method allows to detect the colon adenoma and cancer by presence or absence of the tumoral invasion in the intestinal wall.
The diagnostic efficiency of NLS method in defining the phase of tumoral process in the rectum is lower then in segmented intestine.
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