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Biophilia Tracker helps you use your vitamins better

Vitamin C for scurvy is a medically proven fact for 250 years. Scurvy is the ultimate condition of long-term vitamin C deficiency. It manifests in the human body as extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, swollen and painful skin, bleeding gums, bad breath, ruptured blood vessels under the skin and in the muscles, weak joints, weak bones leading to fractures, Collapse, diarrhea, lung and kidney failure lead to coma and death. This shows that vitamin C has an effect on all major organs.
The adrenal gland is the organ with the highest vitamin C content in the human body. When the human body is tense, the adrenal glands secrete a large amount of adrenaline into the muscles of the whole body, ready to act at any time to deal with the crisis. Epinephrine is made from tyrosine to dopa, converted to dopamine, converted to noradrenaline, and finally made to epinephrine. Each of these steps consumes vitamin C for a hydroxylation reaction (Hydroxylation). This is the reason why the adrenal glands of humans and animals must store large amounts of vitamin C.

How to use vitamin C scientifically and reasonably has become a university question, and our Biophilia Tracker is very professional in this regard!

Vitamin C promotes the formation of collagen. Collagen is a polymeric macromolecule composed of two amino acids, Lysine and Proline. The strength of collagen is due to the alcoholization of pyrrolidine by the consumption of vitamin C, which strengthens the attraction between macromolecules. In the absence of vitamin C, the strength of collagen is insufficient, all organs and tissues will be weakened and various diseases will occur, and in the most serious case, it will become scurvy. The vascular wall cells of normal people can be arranged neatly due to collagen packing and ensure their tightness. When vitamin C is lacking, the tightness of vascular tissue is damaged. As long as there is a little pressure from the outside world, the blood will seep out on its own. This is the most superficial phenomenon of the so-called scurvy. Vitamin C must be consumed when synthesizing collagen, so to maintain the health of various organs and tissues in the body, sufficient vitamin C must be taken regularly.

Vitamin C is involved in many biochemical reactions in the human body. When vitamin C is lacking, these reactions cannot proceed smoothly, resulting in lesions in many related organs. Most animals produce their own vitamin C in their livers, so they rarely get the common cold, blocked coronary arteries, and cancer, which are unique to humans. 
Some studies have also pointed out that after oral vitamin C is supplied to the body, only 5% to 7% of it is left on the skin. Therefore, it is directly absorbed through the skin and can exert a greater effect.

So you can try to use Biophilia Tracker . It can help you use vitamin C more safely.
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