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Biophilia Tracker Aids Rehab Training

After most operations, patients will choose to participate in some rehabilitation exercises. After testing the physical function through Biophilia Tracker, you can choose the rehabilitation exercise mode according to the actual situation:

There are many methods of rehabilitation and exercise, including traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, physical therapy, and the rehabilitation methods of therapists.

The method of rehabilitation exercise in traditional Chinese medicine is mainly for doctors to engage in acupuncture and moxibustion. Acupuncture can dredge the meridians and guide qi and blood to promote the recovery of limb functions. Swallowing disorders, language disorders, and cognitive impairments can all be treated with acupuncture. Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and decoction are the advantages of our motherland's medicine.

Western medicine is mainly western medicine rehabilitation, which has developed very rapidly in the two to three hundred years of modern times, mainly based on Brunnstrom theory, and other brand-new rehabilitation concepts, mainly through therapists to assist patients to achieve the purpose of active rehabilitation.

In terms of physiotherapy, Biophilia Tracker mainly includes medium frequency, low frequency, and high frequency ultrashort waves, all of which belong to a kind of electrical stimulation. Electromagnetic waves of a certain amplitude act on the human body to stimulate the increase of the tension of muscle fibers and lead to the increase of muscle strength. , and promote the recovery of rehabilitation function. Generally speaking, there are many methods of rehabilitation training and rehabilitation exercises, as well as self-rehabilitation, including massage. Of course, the massage of the therapist is also included in it. Massage stimulates muscles and corresponding acupuncture points, and its function is similar to acupuncture. All of these are to dredge the meridians, and then promote the recovery of limb functions. Physiotherapy is relatively new in recent years, so it is also very popular, so you can choose suitable physiotherapy according to the patient's condition.
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