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Dual Screen Detox foot spa

Item No.: Detox foot spa
Version: Latest
Language: English
Warranty: 1 years
MOQ: 1 set
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,Paypal,MoneyGram
Description Detail
Dual screen ion detox foot spa specification
1. Mutil-functional ionic  foot detox spa.
2. With 5 models of vibrations for foot massage.
3. With heating function to keep water warm white the detox treatments.
4. Newly added far infrares belt for keeping fit.
5. 5 detox models for you to choose.
6. Newly added T.E.N.S massage patchs to relieve pain on muscle.
7. Big LCD screen to show current, time detox models, and T.E.N.S massage models. 
8. This new footbath can be used with water or without water.

Product Principle

The human body is constituted by the cells. And the cell is made up of cell membrances, cytoplasm and nucleolus. The cell membrances is the important channel for the substance exchange inside and outside the cell. It keeps the stability of inside and outside enviroment. When the membrancces electricity potential is from 70-90 MV, the cell can work well in the exchange and remove the toxin. With the deccay of the body function, there is a lot of toxin accumulated. The cell damage, membrances electricity potential change, the permeability of membrances declining and the detoxification ability declining, all these make the toxin can't be removed well from the cell. The toxin accumulation lowers the immune and makes premature senility and sub-health etc.

Product features

What causes our body of toxic?

The diet was:

The metabolic processes of the human body at all times, fat, protein, sugar and other substances will produce metabolic waste. That food is digested to produce toxins. Food additives and pesticide residues, and so is the source of the toxin. Favorite meat greasy food and even overeating. These tend to hinder the function of the digestive system, the body the normal toxin can not be eliminated from the body.

From the enviroment

Air pollution, electronic radiation, the living environment around the various types of chemicals, heavy metals, etc, will be, directly or indirectly, by breathing into the bidy to produce extremely harmful toxins on the human body.


Fast pace of modern city life, lack of exerise, not the law of life and so destory the normal function of various organs and blance the body's own detoxification capacity decreased. Studies have shown that the accumulation of stress, it will lead to endocrine disorders, premature aging, disease and other conditions.

Benefits for our body:

◆Enhances the Immune System
◆Improves Memory and Sleep
◆Improves Sexual Health
◆Provides Internal Cleansing with Full Body Purge
◆Provides Liver Detoxification
◆Provides Liver, Kidney and Parasitic Cleansing
◆Allows the Purging of Heavy Metals
◆Significantly Reduces Pain
◆Increases Energy and Reduces Stress

Quick Details

Brand Name: BIOPHILIA Type: Therapeuitc Equipment  Model No.: Dual Screen Detox foot spa
Packing size: 43X37X16CM(L*W*H) Color: Black G.W(KGS): 6.0KG
Origin: Wenzou China (Mainland) Warranty: 1 years OEM: No

Package Details


Terms of payment

1. PayPal      2. Western Union    3. T/T (Bank transfer)   4. MoneyGram




Theo Dijkstra
Apr 17, 2024
The logistics is fast, the packaging is very tight, and the detoxification effect is good.
Feb 19, 2024
Je voudrais si vous expédier au Maroc Merci
Michael Vaslikax
Dec 04, 2023
I have received the goods, my family and I are very satisfied, I will introduce it to my friends, it is so convenient, I like this healthy model, it keeps me away from drugs, I am very grateful.
Jacobo Garcia
May 10, 2023
price to UK, thanks
Apr 19, 2023
Chcę kupić, proszę o podanie ceny.
Valentina Mertens
Feb 09, 2023
What is the price of this device?
Traci Chambers
Nov 12, 2022
I want to purchase three units, but I need to ship to different countries, can you help me?
May 23, 2022
Very good equipment, I like it very much, thank you.
kamga fotso boris
May 23, 2022
Lütfen bana fiyatını söyleyin ve nasıl satın alabilirim?
Mar 29, 2022
how does it work?
Mar 24, 2022
Mar 14, 2022
Please send me the price and the manuals. Thanks
Feb 21, 2022
i would like to know the price of the machine
Feb 21, 2022
Dr shahid
Feb 19, 2022
I want one shipping to USA
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